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Customer Support
1 Special Orders, Patterns and Transfers
1.1 Why does it take longer to process my order when I purchase a pattern or transfer?

All of our patterns and transfers are custom printed here in-store on our large format printer. To keep a large variety of options we do not keep every design printed all of the time. When you purchase a pattern or transfer we often are printing to order! Don’t worry- it only takes 2-3 business days to have your pattern or transfer ready, just for you!

1.2 I love the design of this pattern or transfer, but I wish it came in a different color.

Because we print our patterns and transfers right here in store, we can often customize them! Head over to our special orders page, here. Include the full name of the transfer or pattern you wish to have changed and someone will contact you shortly. Color changes are not considered a custom order and do not add any additional fees. Because we do not carry the color in-store, please expect 2-3 days added to your processing time so we can print your order.

1.3 How do I use your patterned heat transfer vinyl?

Great question! We have instructions as well as a tik tok video how-to that you can view by clicking here. Still having questions? Don’t hesitate to call us during our regular business hours and a team member will answer those for you.

1.4 What are these clear sheets that came with my patterned vinyl?

When you order our Heat Transfer patterned vinyl, it comes with the carrier sheet separate. If you are used to using Siser Heat Transfer vinyl, then that clear sticky layer over the top of the vinyl is that carrier sheet. Because we custom print our patterns it is not layered over the top. For Instructions on how to use our patterned heat transfer vinyl, click here.

1.5 How do I submit a custom order?

Simply fill out this form.

1.6 How are your custom patterns and transfers made?

We have a large format printer and an awesome designer!

2 General
2.1 Why is your Heat Transfer vinyl 15 or 20 inches wide instead of 12?

We buy our vinyl stock in 50 yard rolls. Siser only makes these in 15 inches wide for most of their Heat Transfer, and 20 inches for glitter and holographic Heat Transfer. Instead of cutting sheets down to 12x12 we prefer to let the customer have as much product as possible. This helps keep costs down that we can pass on to you, the customer.

2.2 Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Sadly we do not offer bulk order discounts.

If you have questions about a specific order feel free to ask at [email protected]

2.3 What is the difference between Adhesive and Heat Transfer vinyl?

Heat Transfer vinyl is mainly used on fabrics such as shirts or bags, but can be applied to just about anything that can take the heat. It has to be heat pressed or ironed on to adhere to the blank of your choosing. Adhesive vinyl is mainly used for projects such as car decals or stickers for cups and tumblers. Adhesive vinyl has a sticky backing and simply needs to be placed on to the surface of your choosing.

2.4 My order included both Heat Transfer and Adhesive vinyl, how can I tell which is which?

Adhesive Vinyl has a thick, paper-like, cardstock backing that Heat Transfer does not. Heat Transfer is going to be more flexible, and sort of flimsy when you hold it upright.

2.5 Can your shirts be used for sublimation?

All products that we recommend using for sublimation are located in our sublimation category. We do not recommend sublimating on any other products we carry.

2.6 What brands do you carry?

Our Heat Transfer vinyl is exclusively Siser. We carry Siser, Oracle and Styletech adhesive vinyl. Bella Canvas, Next Level and Rabbit Skin are our main blank suppliers.

2.7 How do I use the heat transfer foils?

Heat transfer foil is done in a two-step process. Simply cut your design out of the provided clear “adhesive” sheet, weed, and press. Then lay your foil, uncut, over the top and press again. Wait until the foil has cooled and peel to reveal your design.

2.8 What does HTV stand for?

HTV is shorthand for Heat Transfer Vinyl.

2.9 How do I get your tag off my sheet of vinyl?

You don't have to! We purposefully tag all our vinyl so that won't interfere with your project in anyway. The tag on heat transfer vinyl is placed over the carrier sheet. This means you can cut and press with the tag still on. If you absolutely have to get the tag off, we recommend Goo-Gone.